Hugo Jaeggi - Photographer

The Dream is often real enough

Documentary (CH/DE 2019) - Directors: Matthias Leupold | Jérôme Depierre
A Co-Production by: Leupold Film Production Berlin (DE) | TADIG Basel (CH)



The documentary captures the artist’s authentic descriptions concerning a considerable number of pictures. It provides an insight into their development and interviews some of the photographer’s companions.

Hugo Jaeggi’s photographs largely withdraw from a comparative evaluation. Distinctive are his dreams of visual force. They allow a glimpse of the psyche that experiences the family relations and the chasms of his existence and endures them over and over again.
Unfiltered and honest he keeps questioning his work. It is not beautiful images he is after, as he says, but the good ones, those that tell something outrageous. Undoubtedly he is a master of portrait photography. The magic in the look of the depicted in his portraits is highly capturing and hard to let go of.


Hugo Jaeggi: „Besides, dreams are often real enough.“