Short Film (CH) - Writer/ Director: Omid Taslimi
Produced by: AVIATICFILMS Basel (CH) - (in production)



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Melli (26) finds herself in bed on Saturday morning, distraught and groggy. When she gets up to meet her sister Steffi (22), the events of the previous evening play like a movie in her head. She spent the evening together with Steffi and her boyfriend Sämi (23) at a party, where they meet Steffi's work colleague Remo (29). Melli takes a liking to the likeable and handsome man and so it happens that the two end the night at Melli's home. What begins as a romance ends in a traumatic experience for Melli.

As she recalls the events, she experiences an emotional rollercoaster and loses trust in her sister. She shuts herself off from the outside world and isolates herself in her apartment.

She finally finds an outlet in her almost forgotten passion for pottery and begins to work through the trauma. But the inner dissonance causes her to fail even the most basic steps. One morning Steffi is standing in front of the door and notices that something is wrong with Melli. Melli, however, coldly rebuffs Steffi and makes a silent accusation of complicity. After this confrontation, Melli is seized by ambition, finds her center and records the first small successes in her pottery work.
Out of nowhere, Melli receives a message from Remo, in which he ignores the fact that he had coerced and sexually abused Melli. This marks the end of the first major phase of fear and the question of guilt and complicity, and Melli gives free rein to her anger.